Speaking and Listening Resources

Within the Seminar classes, the purpose is to support student learning in all of the English Language Arts Standards. Below are resources to help students develop their speaking and listening skills.

The standard links to the description on the Common Core State Standards website. The title of each activity is a link to a website where you can find more information and/or printable materials.

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Student Activities and Lesson Plans
Activity Description
Active Listening Chart Sample
This is a sample of what active listening is and looks like/sounds like. Student could complete a similar chart and practice particular skills during classroom discussions.
Listening Quiz and Listening Quiz Answer Key
A listening quiz for students to identify what they know about effective listening.
Speaking Skills Lesson Plan
This lesson plan has students identify speaking skills and present on a topic of their choosing. Includes links and a printable speaking skills checklist.
Debate Guidelines
This is a quick reference for holding a debate in the classroom and includes a rubric.
Inner/Outer Circle Debate Format Lesson Plan
This lesson plan focuses on students listening to others viewpoints to gather information.
NYT Learning Blog Lesson Plan
In this lesson, students assess the experience of reading and being read to aloud, both in person and on audio, and then practice and perform their own oral readings. Includes the handout: Reading with a Purpose
Discussion Skills
This lesson is designed for English Language Learners, but could easily be adapted to the needs of a seminar class. It focuses on holding a successful discussion and includes information about being a discussion leader and an evaluation at the end.

This task provides student and teacher resources, including procedures, to engage students in establishing and adjusting appropriate tone, body language, and vocabulary.

Additional Reading or Teacher Materials
Link and Description
10 Steps to Effective Listening
This is a short list of effective listening skills.
UDL Paper
This paper is an interesting read about using listening skills and dIfferentiation

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